domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

What Lovely Weather We´re Having

Hello, World!

This is a small introduction into the reason and theme for this blog.

What is this blog?
It´s an exercise in the enjoyment of speaking out my opinions of K-dramas and J-dramas that I´ve loved or hated... rarely will you see a topic concerning a drama that I felt so-so about posted up here, because there´s not much to say on a so-so drama.

How did I become obsessed with these dramas?
One day in 2003 a very bored angsty teenager was browsing the internet and low and behold there it was--- Dramas so dramatic that tears were jerked out of their dark and angsty hiding place. See if you can recognize this weepy tear jerker that began it all:

Oh my lordy lord what did Jung-suh do to deserve such tragedy! Why can´t she be with the love of her life Song Joo! No!! Why did she get runover and how dare that interloper Yoori get between destined love! ¡No, why, oh why does Jung-suh have cancer, and wait, don´t commit suicide to save her Tae-hwa, it´ll only be temporary!

Yes for those who are avid watchers of Korean dramas and this rings a bell- the drama that opened my eyes to this whole new world was ...... 2003´s Stairway to Heaven!

Since then I have watched gazillions of dramas, movies, and variety shows just to satisfy the hunger in me (ignoring the fact that my Korean or Japanese skills = fail) that keeps asking for more..MORE...MORE!!!!

I also have to admit that another thing that keeps me coming for more is that the actors are usually so very handsome and I with the best of them can fangirl them endlessly....

Collateral "damage" to the fact that I´ve been overly obsessed with dramas is that the music has also trapped me... ah!! Why are there so many artists out there with good voices and even better looks for me to fangirl over?!

What is my promise for this blog?
I will honestly try to write my own reviews and recap dramas that I watch as soon as I can, I might also write about older dramas as I rewatch them, and of course if anybody knows of a good drama that I´m not writing about or haven´t watched I welcome them to write to me and share their opinions.

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