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Forecast #2

Good Day to all you Personal Taste fans!

Lets all just enjoy the progression of the story in this episode...

Last episode we left off on Kae In walking in and confirming that it was actually her best friend In Hee who had betrayed her...

At first In Hee said "I'm sorry" while not really meaning it. Even Kae In in her infinite naiveté doesn't believe what's shes hearing, so In Hee in a fit of evil bitchiness has the nerve to essentially tell Kae In to get over it because in the end Chang Ryul has chosen her.

Kae In ends up being thrown into a room away from the wedding as if she were a criminal.

I have decided that I love Young Sun's son... As his mom and aunt Kae In talk about the traitors, he fiddles with the controls of the PA system and turns it on, allowing everyone in the building to hear the scumminess that went on behind Kae In's back.
Hilariously another couple was having a wedding at the same time and become distressed and angry thinking that they were being wrongfully accused.

* I still don´t understand why this couple took it to heart, maybe there were unfaithfulness issues in their past, and the metaphorical shoe fit?

In Hee got so angry at her baseness being revealed to everyone in the hall, that she was ready to storm out of the building. However, she ran into Kae In and Young Sun who were trying to make their way through the other wedding´s guests who had surrounded them.

I can´t understand how some people have no sense of shame! In Hee asks Kae In if she´s happy to have ruined her friends wedding and the too-nice-for-her-own-good Kae In apologizes. In Hee smirks and says that she´s glad after all, because now they are even and she no longer needs to feel sorry to Kae In. Faithful friend Young Sun steps in and does what I have so wanted to do for quite some time- slap the smirk off of In Hee´s face.

Somewhere else in the same building Jun Ho starts to run down the stairwell and race to the parking lot.

The only clue we get is that he´s following the Tam Art Gallery Director. Who is at the same time descending in the elevator.

He hurriedly gets into his car and jots down a number and then as he´s racing through the parking lot we hear a crash!

Yep, he went and crashed the Tam Art Gallery director´s car... a bit extreme to just try and get to talk to the guy, but it works. He manages to receive an invitation for a meeting later that week.
Meanwhile Princess Bitch stalks off and starts to destroy the flower and ribbon decoration. Apparently her plan to steal her best friends boyfriend didn´t go as she had planned and she didn´t get to enjoy her treason as much as she could have.

One thing that I have to note is that Chang Ryul seems to instinctively flinch and duck as soon witch In Hee lifts her hand. I am sensing deep psychological scars from a violent father. The reason why I feel this is so, is because most time people try to grab unto the incoming hand to stop the hit but he seems to accept the hit and just try to avoid the sting as much as possible. Compared to In Hee, I feel that he´s not really the villian, just incredibly weak willed.

Both Kae In and Jun Ho have left the wedding hall, yet their circumstances are so very different. Kae In can barely function as a person at the moment because her mind has been numbed by the shock and has just barely avoided getting runover.
Jin Ho on the other hand has just secured an important meeting with a possible client and was having a rather calm drive home, but he notices her in the middle of the street and he keeps watching until she´s safe on the other side. Their lives have now begun to be intertwined even in the randomest of moments.

Why is the assistant Won Ho looking so worried? Because he´s found out about Kae In´s troubles? Because he wants to beg forgiveness for trying to take advantage of her?

The answer is none of the above.

Turns out that he´s taken a loan from loan sharks using Sang Go Jae as collateral. And now those loansharks want their money back and pronto.

Kae In is a hundred different kinds of worried when she sees the paper for the debt that the collectors left on her door.

Sang Go Jae, (Kae In´s house) is at the same time a topic of interest with Jun Ho because he has gotten information that the Tam Art Gallery Director was interested in Park Chul Hwan because of his design of SGJ and wanted him to design the new Tam Art project. They decide to find out more about the design of Sang go Jae.

Meanwhile Kae In has gotten another shock... Her dad who has been abroad all this time is returning much earlier than planned. This means that now more than ever that debt that Won Ho created needs to be paid.
As I was watching her whole conversation with her dad, Kae In really seems to be afraid of her father and his opinion of her. A talk with Young Sun reveals that Kae In´s estrangement with her father might partially be due to how much he loved her dead mother.

The more that Sang Joon and Jun Ho try to find out about Sang Go Jae the more they notice that there is really nothing much said about it. They can´t see what it was about SGJ that caught the Tam Art Gallery Director´s attention because the exterior design seems to be simple enough with nothing remarkable. Therefore there must be a secret... Jun Ho wants to meet the architect but he´s away on a professorship in England.

Sang Joon remarks that the only one in the house is a daughter, which = woman = JunHo´s opportunity. Why? Because "Why let that handsome face and fine body go unused!"

Ayayay!! Sang Joon-ah! We know you like Jun ho too!! lol

Jun Ho wants nothing to do with that, and tells him to go instead if he´s so interested in the daughter.

Kae In cry talks to her mom who is no longer with her and tells her all her troubles. These scenes were really heartbreaking for me to watch. I could feel the hurt she holds because nothing she´s ever done seems to please her father. It seems that respect and recognition from her father is by far the strongest need in her ever since she was a child. Then also the pain she was holding back on expressing about the blow she´d been dealt by several people who she had trusted just began to burst out of her.

The next morning finds a panda-eyed Kae In calling a telephone fortune teller. The fortune teller is obviously a scam and while he´s talking to her he´s opening his ramen and looking at games. However, Kae In takes it seriously when he tells her that she will get a visitor that comes from the East and is neither Man or Woman .

Coincidentally, Sang Joon has taken the initiative and decided to call on Professor Park´s daughter. He´s completely surprised by her appearance and she´s surprised that somebody she just met and has no connection to her should be at her door.

After her first initial reaction (close the door) she asks him from which direction he came and he tells her south, which annoys her. She even tells him to separate from "that pervert."

Sang Joon is so completely taken aback from her appearance and attitude that he very visibly shudders at the thought of "that crazy woman."

Jun Ho goes to meet the Tam Art Gallery Director and runs into Chang Ryul´s father who warns him to know the difference between ambition and foolhardiness. They seem to have a past acquaintance with each other and we soon see that there seems to be a lot of bitterness between them. (aah!, who could have predicted that these two who enjoyed scrubbing each others back in BOF would appear as enemies here)

A young Jun Ho and his mom are walking out of a house and Chang Ryul and his father drive up to it, an innocent Chang Ryul asks "Is this really our house now?"

Jun Ho is taken out of his reverie by Sang Joon who has come to decide that the Sang Go Jae issue will be a disaster because the daughter has turned out to be the furniture designer Jun Ho had called an "egoist."

After leaving Jun Ho Chang Ryul´s father goes to mistreat his own son and tell him to make sure to beat Jun Ho in the Tam Art Project. He also admits that paying off the director won´t work as it did in the other project because the Director Choi (we know his name now) has everything he could ever want as the heir to the MS Group.

Jun Ho has gone to check out the situation at Sang Go Jae and he starts taking pictures of the outside.

As he´s standing there Kae In starts to run after the fugitive Won Ho (where is Wang Son-ah when you need him?). Startled by the unexpected action he also starts giving chase and doesn´t lose a minute and snarking at her about her complicated relations with men (if you want to see Sang Go Jae, that´s not the best way to go buddy).

Jun Ho ends up being the one to corner Won ho because Kae In ended up hurting her ankle during the chase. Kae In is so wrapped up in scolding and yelling at Won Ho that she´s surprised to see Jun Ho there even though she had asked him to chase Won Ho.

Kae In, being the nice person that she is, ends up taking the offendor to a restaurant to eat. Meanwhile Jun Ho is doodling in his planner pretending to not listen on the conversation. But He´s definitely interested especially when he hears that she has advertised a room for rent at Sang Go Jae.

Won Ho that rat, just listens to all her problems that are his fault and coolly as you please tells her that he needs the restroom and subsequently hightails it out of there. Jun Ho´s disbelief at her naiveté is written all over his face when he asks her if she´s always this dumb. She doesn´t quite believe that Won Ho has actually deserted once again, but he had already gotten lost in the crowd when she stands to check up on him.

Jun Ho ends up taking Kae In to the hospital and paying the bill, something thatnshe finds very wierd. After all they are not much more than strangers to each other, why should he do this for her? She suspects that he was sent by her father but he disabuses her of the idea and asks to be shown around Sang Go Jae, after all a tenant needs to know what he´s renting, right?

Kae In thanks him for his help but rejects his offer to rent the room saying that the house is always closed to outsiders. To which he counters that she needs the rent to pay the debt or she´ll lose her house to the loan sharks.

Young Sun promises Jun Ho to make things work out to everyones benefit. Inside the house she tells Kae In to accept his money for the rent, after all he´s GAY, he won´t do anything to her. Also there are many benefits in having a gay friend living with you. The gay friend dream sequence is funny and has theere been any better looking gay friend than Lee Min Ho? lol

Kae In ends up accepting him as a renter.

As Jun Ho tells Sang Joon that he managed to live at Sang Go Jae we see the first real smile out of the usually cold and collected Jun Ho. We definitely need to see more of this smile!

While they are settling the contract for the rent Young Sun starts to ask questions about Jun Ho and Sang Joon pats Jun Ho´s knees and tells her that she can´t take an interest in uri Jun Ho. Which she takes as a sign of jealousy on his part and laughingly says, "you two are too obvious."

Then they proceed to the rule part of the contract.

Kae In: No Pictures, share fridge and laundry machine

as she said she doesn´t have too many, Jun Ho doesn´t agree, he has rules of his own to add:

Jun Ho: Keep house clean, don´t leave instant noodle pots everywhere, don´t eat my food that I put in the fridge, don´t wash your clothes with mine

Ka In tells him then that if he goes where he doesn´t belong in the house, she´ll cut off any part of his anatomy that is in the wrong place. They have a battle about who will be the alpha in the house but thanks to both friends pulling them apart it seems to have ended in a draw.

Jun Ho and Sang Joon walk into his new room and start putting things in their places. As they are talking Jun Ho hits his leg and cuts it. This drama works on all different kinds of levels and here they make fun of the fact that they are actors, why? Because Sang Joon´s response to Jun Ho´s cut is: Oh boy you got a scratch on your million dollar leg. So how is newbie architect Jun Ho´s leg worth a million dollars? Impossible, but, definitely Hallyu Actor Lee Min Ho´s leg might be worth that and more...hehehe... good one writers!

As Sang Joon is cleaning the cut, Jun Ho makes all kind of interesting noises that can be misterpreted by the yaoi loving ahjumma... Wow is Young Sun enjoying it, she is such a voyeour, lol. (Not to say that i didn´t get a kick out of the rather ...interesting sounds that were coming out of Jun Ho and the definitely compromising phrases that came out of Sang Joon´s mouth)

Kae In pulls her away and tells her that after all she feels sorry for his partner, because that Jun Ho´s soo promiscuous... (recall his scene at the motel with Tae Hoon) Also where does he think he is bringing so many men home, she´ll definitely not approve. This sentiment earns her a hit from Young Sun who asks her if love is a sin...and that she definitely wants to meet that beast of a man too (Tae Hoon) and ends up asking Jun Ho when the other man will come visit. after all "Love is always on the move" - Jun Ho just looks at her blankly not understanding where she´s coming from at all.

All is not paradise with the Traitors, they haven´t seen each other since the wedding and when they do they end up having a screaming match about who should leave the house and who should stay. Chang Ryul wants to stay with In Hee and she wants him out. She makes him take off his clothing because they don´t suit him (though I think it was the writer´s idea to show off Wang son-ah´s firm body). She really doesn´t have a leg to stand on since the house in question is one that his dad bought for them.

Jun Ho goes around trying to look at a Sang Go Jae plan that he found in a room (because architects who want to keep their designs secret leave such things out in the open...i don´t think so.) very stealthily and is quite freaked out by a ghastly looking Kae In who wants to know what he´s doing in there. What freaks him out even more is when she asks him if he remembers the agreement and pulls out the power saw and we get to hear a girly scream from Jun Ho as his heart almost gave out from the fright (reminds me of a certain Gu Jun Pyo´s scream of terror due to a bug).

Yes that In Hee had the balls to come and demand that Kae In take her back in, after all friendship should count more than guys. Oh and here´s the clincher, Kae In is responsible for her since her wedding was ruined thanks to Kae In.
When Kae In asks In Hee if she´s so hardhearted that she would come back expecting to be allowed to live there again when she stole her lover. In Hee can´t resist but laugh at Kae In and tell her that she was never anybody´s lover since she was never loved or even knows how to love.

Jun Ho comes out at that minute and asks her to bring the volume down since she´s not living alone.
In Hee is taken aback that by the fact that Kae In is living with a man and tells her not to live so recklessly.
Seriously who is she to even say that to Kae In?

KI: Why? Do you envy me him, too?
IH: I´ve never taken others. They just come to me.
KI: But you definitely can´t take that guy.
IH: Why not? Give me any man at all for 10 minutes and I´m in business. (what business dearie? prostitution?)
KI: You can bust a gut trying, but you´re not his type!
IH: Is that so. Then I guess we´ll have to find out.
KI: you can put all you´ve got into seducing him. That man... is gay!
And so Jun Ho finally finds out why Kae In accepted him as a tennant at Sang Go Jae!
The shock in his face is hilarious, probably the thought that he could be mistaken for gay has never passed through his mind.
Oh boy this show is definitely awesome. It puts you through the wringer and then lets you dry your eyes on the breeze.
Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin are incredible actors, and I for one prefer Min Ho as Jun Ho than as Jun Pyo, though I was also a great fan of Boys Over Flowers and enjoyed it as much as HanaDan or even more. Why then do I prefer Jun Ho? Because even though the acting was superb in BOF Jun Pyo´s character was larger than life, I couldn´t really commiserate with the characters drama about the responsability over 50 million families, etc... On the other hand, Jun Ho is someone who is struggling to make it as an everyday citizen in an everyday world. Also his character is much subtler than Jun Pyo´s, so it´ll take more acting chops to portray these subtleties in the character reliably, thus LMH´s acting will take more responsability over the viewers response.

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