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Personal Taste/ Ka-In´s Taste

Personal Taste

This drama has of course received a loooot of attention since over a year ago because of speculations over who was going to play the lead actress, at the time Yoon Eun Hye was the rumored lead.

And then when the final casting was finished and we were told who the two leads were, there was an explosion of commentary on how they fit or didn´t fit the role.

In my own humble opinion I was really looking forward to Lee Min Ho as Jeun Jin Ho because I thought that this role would help break him out of the mold that the character Gu Jun Pyo might establish for him.

As for Son Ye Jin being his leading lady, I was both glad and aprehensive about it. I knew she was a good actress, I´ve enjoyed her in tear jerker movies like A Moment To Remember, and The Classic, as well as the romcom The Art of Seduction, so her talent is quite evident. What I was aprehensive about was that she might end up being criticized for being much older than Lee Min Ho, but thank goodness they are both such great actors it´s not really an issue.

Side Note: I´m glad to see cutie Kim Ji Suk again after watching him in Chuno... and Im Seul Ong of 2AM ballad group fame is making his break through in acting with his role in PT.

Character List and Cast:

Park Ka In - Son Ye Jin

Jeun Jin Ho - Lee Min Ho

Han Chang Ryul - Kim Ji Suk

KIm In Hee - Wang Ji Hye

Na Hye Mi - Choi Eun Seo

Kim Tae Hoon - Im Seul Ong

No Sang Joon - Jung Sung Hwa

Choi Do Bin -Ryu Seung Ryong

Han Yoon Sub -Ahn Suk Hwan

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