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Forecast #1 (part 2)

Moving on with the recap...
After the disaster that was his first meeting with Ka In, we se that he has arrived at the building where they are holding the bids for the architectural firms. His friend and company member Sang Joon is there to help him, even cutting off a piece of the aluminum blinds from the building. He´s got to be a good friend or a great employee if he´s willing to deface private property for his boss.

Likewise Ka-In has arrived at the center where they are holding a furniture expo. Her assistant Won Ho seems to be a good guy who has even prepared her breakfast because he figured that she wouldn´t have eaten before arriving. He also makes it known that he disapproves of her relationship with Chang Ryul saying that the guy has no heart. Apparently Chang Ryul´s event is being held in the same building and even though Ka In says that he´s too busy and she understands, Won Ho fakes seeing Chang Ryul and Ka In instantly whips around. “See you are waiting for him!”

I think that Ka In is the type of girl that will forgive her man almost anything and values him too much. Probably making him out to be this amazing Knight in Shining Armor when in reality he´s completely the opposite.

And right on cue, as Ka In and Won Ho are speaking about Chang Ryul, who should greet Jin Ho but the devil himself. From the way he stands, with a slouch and both his hands in his pocket and the smirk he has on his face: I can surmise three things:

1) He´s a player
2) He´s arrogant
3) He likes lording it over others.
Apparently he had approached Jin Ho to invite him to his wedding the next day.
And here I must screech to a stop WHAT! If it´s a wedding then with who? Because Ka In definitely doesn’t look like a glowing bride to be, she´s too careless about her skincare and wardrobe and she didn´t so much as flinch when she cut her forehead. That right there would be enough for bridezilla to come out even in the most relaxed of people.

Therefore I agree with Sang Joon, I really want to see who it is that is marrying this guy, hopefully she´s a biotch so that I won´t have to feel sorry for her for having chosen this scumbag.

As for the presentations of the architectural plans/designs Chang Ryul´s presentation was the usual mish mash of great sounding words and arrogance mixed together trying to impress everyone into thinking ot´s a new and interesting idea that will revolutionize the architectural world, etc, etc.

Now this is what I´m talking about! It´s a hologram and my face went exactly the same as these business men "oooohh, preeeettttyyyyy"

After Jin Ho gives his final words of his presentation (looking totally cool) he gets thunderous aplause from his audience. Even secretary Kim (Chang Ryul´s lackey) was so impressed that he gave enthusiastic applause before he caught Chang Ryul´s evil eye look.

Likewise Ka In is giving a presentation about her furniture and the uses and what innovations it has, but unlike Jin Ho her audience can´t provide her an income... they are all children and their parents are nowhere to be found.

After sighing that the kids should bring their moms she´s startled by saying that it´s just his style- she interprets it to mean that he´s interested in her but he was really referring to her Kain Table. After having him go talk to her assistant, who should she see come but:

At first she´s gratified to here praise from Sang Joon about how useful her table is but then of course Jin Ho is having none of that. He calls it a cheap thing that is good only for eating dog food. He conjectures that it was made by a selfish person who has never loved or cooked for anybody and if it was a woman she would be given to lying and histeria.

Of course Ka In can´t accept that criticism without facing him so she steps out (he´s surprised to see her) and asks him what he means with such harsh words.

I found this next interaction to reveal much about the both of them:

Jin Ho: A table is where a family meets together once a day.
A place of communication. But how can you make a table like this?
Ka In: Don´t you realize? that in this world there are people who have noone to eat with?

Jin Ho seems to take for granted that people have families with whom to share a meal, which in my opinion means that he´s had a rather decent and probably loving upbringing, and is able to talk with his parents or his mother at least. (we have seen him interact quite cutely with his mother)

On the other hand we have Ka In, seems to understand the single person who doesn´t have a family or anybody to share food and house with. I´m guessing that her parents are either dead, divorced or they are just extremely cold with her.

As they are about to announce who won the bid for the Dream Arts Center design, Sang Joon begins to pray:

Almighty God, to whom my mother is so devoted
I even went to early morning prayers this morning.
You mustn´t let me down.
If you don´t grant us this, I´ll leave the Church...
and become a Buddhist
So please, please grant us this.

Oh Sang Joon, I´m preeeetty sure that´s not how it works! hehehehe. I´ve fallen in love with this guy, his thought process is so hilarious and the faces he was making at God were so funny.

Unfortunately the prayer doesn´t seem to move the almighty God, because Jin Ho didn´t receive the bid and instead it was given to Chang Ryul´s company. I´m suspecting that there was money placed behind this because there is no way that his presentation was better than Jin Ho´s. But I guess that´s how business is, indeed it´s very often extremely dirty.

After receiving the bid Chang Ryul seems to finely want to go down and meet with Ka In. He´s nervous and doesn´t seem to know what to say to her.
finally after not bieng able to get his idea through he gets down to his knees. Ka In becomes so flustered because, Isn´t this the position for making a proposal? When she says as much to Chang Ryul, HE gets all flustered because that was NOT his intention.
Ka In doesn´t get to hear what Chang Ryul has to say because Jin Ho approaches mad as a bull about getting thrown to the side at the presentation and he charges Chang Ryul with playing dirty and bandying cash around to get the job.
Nothing comes from the confrontation and Chang Ryul uses it as an excuse to get away from Ka In fast.
Even if Ka In does not have a good relationship with her parents, she has a very honest and caring friend. After all who else can tell a girl if her pantyline is showing but your closest BFF. We also find out that they have a friend who is getting married tomorrow. suspicious, suspicious!

JinHo and Sang Joon go back to their office and as they are debating what their next move is, they are interrupted as Tae Hoon comes storming in with thunder and lightning in his eyes.

He´s come as Hye Mi´s defender and demands to know why Jin Ho has locked her out in the balcony. Therefore he wants to fight Jin Ho man to man. Jin Ho just humours him and tells him since they are at the office he shouldn´t call him Hyung.
We finally meet In Hee and I´m not disposed to like her. Her shoulder pads are to high and in all the recent dramas I´ve seen the women who wear these shoulders so high are usually cold hearted hateful bitches. However both friends greet her warmly and happily as she approaches.

Meanwhile, Jin Ho, Tae Hoon and Sang Joon have gone out for a couple of drinks and from what I can gather Ta e Hoon is still going on about Hye Mi and even asks Jin Ho why if he doesn´t like Hye Mi why did he see her breasts. Jin Ho´s reaction is priceless as he actually spits out what he was drinking, and he´s like it wasn´t like that, that she is just like a little sister and the only reason that he promised marriage was because she was frantic and demanding he take responsaility. LOL (Can I show my boobs and ask you to take responsability)

Jin Ho actually seems to find Tae Hoons devotion to Hye Mi cute because he´s not really annoyed at him for bugging him about it and just seems to humour him a lot.

While Jin Ho is on his boys night out, Ka In is having a sort of girl bonding fest with both her best friends. Ka In has her head on In Hee´s lap, it´s such a vulnerable position almost like a child on the lap of a parent. In Hee can hurt her anytime she wants before Ka In can even react, and as the next scene plays out, it seems that that´s really how their relationship is.

As In Hee hears Young Sun and Ka In talking about how Chang Ryul might propose to Ka In soon, she gets a really strange look and she walks in the bathroom to make a call. Who does she call? Yep, she calles Chang Ryul, In Hee´s the one that´s going to marry Chang Ryul. She has betrayed her best friend and dated the boyfriend secretly. And now she demands that Chang Ryul come clean to Ka In and break up with her FAST.

Due to In Hee´s prodding and threats, Chang Ryul finally decides to break up with Ka In and tell her that he never really loved her. However at first he can´t seem to do it straight out so he practically runs to the bathroom to practice what he´s going to tell her. And when he finally does he doesn´t find it enough to break Ka In´s heart with the break-up when she was expecting a proposal, he goes and twists the dagger in by telling her that she was like a cute wet puppy that he felt sorry for.
I was upset at her reaction..... I wanted her to slap him silly. but she didn´t ...nooooo! Instead she said I´m sorry to him! WHAT! Why is she undervaluing herself?

Ah I´m liking this trio´s friendship... I´m guessing this is the last round of drinks because Tae Hoon and Sang Joon seem to be quite tipsy.

Tae Hoon of course starts talking about how Jin Ho has to go on a date with Hye Mi and Sang Joon gets an idea- If Jin Ho loses in a drinking competition he´ll go out with Hye Mi, but if Tae hoon loses then Jin Ho can fire him.

Sang Joon tells Tae Hoon that it would be good if Hye Mi cried because of Jin Ho since Tae Hoon could comfort her. But Tae Hoon is having none of that. He innocently and unselfishly says "If Hye Mi is happy that is all it takes for me to be happy! that´s what love is!"
Ka In wandered home despondently after leaving Chang Ryul at the restaurant, as she walked up her assistant was coming out of her home. Which I think is odd because he was very very surprised to see her behind him so it didn´t seem that he expected to see her. What sneaky thing is he doing?
However after the initial surprise, he takes in how depressed Ka In is and takes her to a bar. As they sit there getting drunker and drunker Won Ho begins to confess that he likes Ka In and he tries to kiss her.
Which is a bad idea buddy, bad idea.. first of all she just got her heart broken and probably doesn´t need any more pressure from outsiders, and second of all, why confess and try to kiss her when she´s drunk. It´s not cool to try to take advantage of people while they are not in the five senses.
When the kiss turned out to be a no go, Won Ho takes Ka In to a hotel where he proceeds to trying to jump her while she´s still out of it. Really, why are all the men in her life no good? ah, right because they are not Jin Ho!Jin Ho has won the bet and Tae Hoon has completely lost his sense of self in his drunken state. Jin Ho notices how dirty Tae Hoon´s clothes are so he strips him down to his boxers and he covers him with the covers, like a good big brother. He then procedes to write a message on the mirror in front of the bed: Congratulations on getting fired. Go on the date.

As he´s leaving he bumps into Ka In who is chasing out Won Ho. When he realizes who she is he gets this superior look and snarks about how easily she changes guys. She just looks at him and tells him to be quiet because he doesn´t know anything. and he tells her that she´s a case of circumstantial evidence.
The smirk completely falls off his face as a loud "HYUNG!!" rings out and Tae Hoon clad in only his boxers comes racing out.
Tae Hoon grabs a hold of him and asks him why he´s leaving him, which brings a smirk to Ka-In´s face.

Who´s the one caught with circumstantial evidence now? her look seems to say.

He gets all flustered and denies what she´s so obviously thinking and quickly gets away from the pair of drunks.
Ka In and Tae Hoon end up commiserating their painful love lives together.

As Jin Ho waits for a cab in front of the Hotel, Ka In comes out and stands behind him and quietly says sorry. Apparently he´s blocked out THE INCIDENT and doesn´t understand why, so he asks her what she´s sorry for. To which she cutely does the hand motion of what happened. He looks like he would have rather kept on forgetting that, but he accepts the apology.
In his Jin Ho -ish way he extends the metaphorical olive branch by telling her that he has a friend whose boyfriend is marrying another woman and only found out at the wedding. It seemed that he was trying to tell her more but a cab came up and he just told her she´d find out later.
Chang Ryul and In Hee are really going through with the wedding ceremony, however In Hee´s being pouty because she doesn´t think Chang Ryul really came clean with Ka In and asked her not to come.

He of course did no such thing, he broke up with Ka In, but while she was in front of him, he didn´t have the guts to tell her that he was getting the next day with In Hee. Instead he waited until he was wasted and slipped an invitation under Ka In´s door. Needless to say it went unnoticed by Ka In.
Don´t think naughty thoughts now!

Sang joon and Jin Ho arrived at the wedding hall and ride the elevator to the floor where Chang Ryul´s wedding would be held. However Sang Joon is having some issues with his zipper and Jin Ho decides to help him zip up. Since Jin Ho is already in that position and Sang Joon seems to have a very naughty streak he start saying, "ooooh!" "Oh good, very good" "Niiiice" which succeeds in exasperating and embarassing Jin Ho, however it backfires on them when Young Suh walks in with her son and sees them in that compromising position.

After asking her to not worry and come into the elevator with them because they are They proceed to talking about how Jin Ho took Tae Hoon to a hotel which deepens that misunderstanding even more.
Young Sun ends up covering her son´s ears because he might over hear things that she doesn´t want him to know. hehe

As Young Sun walks out of the elevator she notices that the man with In Hee is Chang Ryul.

She´s such a nice friend! She seems about ready to roast In Hee for the betrayal and she goes to confront her on the matter. But ultimately she´s more worried that Ka In will see it and feel even more depressed. She tries to stall and prevent Ka In from walking into that serpents nest, but she isn´t successful. Ka In sees both culprits walking into the wedding hall happily smiling at each other.

Ka In can´t believe her eyes, definitely can´t believe that her friend played her like that.

She ends up walking up behind the bride and groom to try to assimilate the truth that, yes, that really is Chang Ryul, and that the woman really really is her best friend In Hee.
This last scene right about broke my heart. I´m definitely going to keep watching this drama, I want a happy ending for Ka In and a truly horrible ending for those two traitor! (I want blood to spill!! well not literally but I want sweet revenge...)

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