domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

Forecast #1 (part 1)

And so we meet Park Ka In - from just a couple of seconds we can see that she´s a messy, energetic I-wear-sweats-and-like-them kind of girl.

In this next scene we are assaulted with visions of cleanliness and orderliness. This we soon learn is Jeun Jin Ho´s room; I can´t help but think that he must be a subscriber to the idea that Cleanliness is close to Godliness.

As he gets up (we are gifted with a view of a lovely chest), he notices that he´s not alone, but instead he seems to be sharing his bed with a woman. His face as he looks at her betrays no emotion- she´s definitely not on his interest radar.

Coolly he wakes her up (he knows she´s faking sleep) and asks her when she got here. She doesn´t answer but complains about his non-reaction to her “sexiness” to which he retorts “Is taking it all off sexy?”

OOh and here we get the foreshadowing of future sexual identity problems: Hye Mi asks “Perhaps… you like men?” His answer is so cheeky that I wanted to smile so badly!: “Didn´t you know? I like men.”

Then an unexpected reaction- He practically launches himself on top of Hye Mi to shut her up as a voice calls for him. We have thus learned one of Jin Ho´s biggest weaknesses: His mother. As it turns out he is definitely the poster child for momma´s boy. As he´s talking with his mom we get to see Hye Mi banging on the balcony door where he locked her out so that she wouldn´t be seen by his mom who seems to favour her. When his mom asked him if he´s seen Hyemi he stutters out.. " aah, Hyemi..isn´t she in Canada?" LOL such a bad liar and yet the mom bought it... goes to show you how much she trusts him.

After getting dressed and reaching his car he notices that he´s been blocked on all sides and won´t be able to take it out. So he goes to try to grab a cab.

Oh Fateful Meeting!

Yes our two leads have met, and they are not impressed. They have both grabbed the same cab and seem to be quite determined to fight each other for it except they are thwarted as a third person comes and grabs it from them. Then we see a childish sequence in which they both try to get ahead of each other to try and get a cab first.

They fail at the cab mission and so they are both standing in the isle of the same bus. As a passenger gets up to leave Jin Ho grabs the seat before Ka In. I must say that I found extremely funny that he looks so satisfied at having beaten her that he says thank you when she asks him if he´s sitting down.

A shaky, jerky bus + 1 very sleepy person = disaster or at the very least a very uncomfortable situation. (I´ve been there, done that)

Yep, to save his architectural model Jin Ho grabs her butt, but this is made even funnier because earlier in the bus ride he had been looking at her butt. Why was he looking? Because Ka-In had a tremendous and very unappealing panty line. So having noticed that he was looking there and then getting grabbed by him in said body part makes for a very uncomfortable and angry Ka-In especially when he´s not even apologizing for doing such a thing!

After being dished humiliation and a lecture on how her threat to report such a minor incident to the police will put everyone in the bus behind schedule in front of the whole bus, Ka-In gets an idea. Which she carries out with such velocity that Jin Ho is definitely not prepared. Aah such a brilliant execution of a spontaneous decision!

Yep, this has turned into the Butt Groping Episode. I definitely envy Son Ye Jin´s hands, kekekeke.

Jin Ho, due to the surprise, ends up wrecking his model and in the process loses sight of the offender.

- I shall end this recap here for the moment, I´ll upload part 2 soon.

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