jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Super Junior(슈퍼주니어)_미인아_뮤직비디오티져(MusicVideo Teaser)

So after being a twitter stalker of our dear SuJu boys, (I must admit that up until just this past December I had laughed at twitterers..but no more...I have given up on myself and succumbed to the unholy temptation that is twitter) I was able to watch their teaser for their 4jib title song 미인아 (Beauty)... oh and boy was it a tease!! It was enough to piqué my interest, but not enough to satiate it... they definitely know how to string the fans along well... I feel the manipulation of SM... aah but my poor ELF heart has been played really well by them...

All 10 boys that participated in this album have come back looking better than ever. and I have paused and squealed at almost every second... oh boy, my fangirl tendencies have been on display...

The video seems mysterious and dark, promising some angst? anger? danger scenes? I don´t know, but I know you can count me in on stalking SMent on youtube and twitter until the day of the release of the complete song on the 10th and the album on the 14th of this month! It´s so soon, thank god or my heart would give out from the anticipation.

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