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Rainbow Romance Episode 3

Rainbow Romance
Ep 3

And the Bromance between Minki and Kibum continues! And Omo! They even end up in bed together!

The episode starts with Minki acting drunk in Kibum’s living room.

 Uichul and Heechul take pity on him and just say that they might as well just let Minki stay and ask him to pay a part of the rent and that would free up some of their money for their necessities too.

Minki smiles in his supposed unconsciousness but when Heechul mentions where he’ll be sleeping (in Kibum’s bedroom) Minki pops up with a loud “WHAT!” at the same time as Kibum.

Then he notices what he’s just done and passes out again. Lol, he’s such a possum! Anyways. Kibum tries to wake him up but Heechul tells him to just let the guy be.

Next door we find out that Jae Kyung is bad in physical activity - He can't hulahoop. And Eun Kyung is actually very dim-witted she couldn't take her hand out of a bottle and instead tries to break it (she only needed to close her hand).

The next day at the Kkotminam apartment, Uichol finds an evelope with rent money. ( Heechul and Uichul make a grab at it) Minki had paid in advance for the month that he’ll stay in their apartment. The way he says it though is hilarious since he’s spun the story around to him actually staying to help them out of THEIR money problems. Lol, he’s so prideful, I don’t even.

Kibum points out about how obviously Minki hadn’t been sick, drunk or really passed out since he was able to gather the money so quickly and for the exact same amount that they had discussed while he was supposedly out for the count. Heechul just asks him to let it go.

Minki makes himself comfy in his new room by pinning up a quote, “ Youth- have ambition.” As he finishes hanging up his stuff on the wall, he begins to think that since He’ll have to live with Kibum for a while, he might as well try to make peace with with Kibum.

And so begins a cute little sequence where he tries to imagine how he should approach it with Kibum. The first idea is too serious and the next one is too embarrassing since he even admitted to missing Kibum.

Then there’s some more fighting between Minki and Kibum sealing their fate as the bickering husbands in my mind^^ hahaha. They love picking on each other’s weaknesses: their looks.

So Minki tells Kibum to go play with other gradeschoolers like him and Kibum tells him to go hobble with a cane with all the elderly people.

At an unspecified time later, Jae Kyung is eating his homemade food when in comes Minki, and Hong Chul thanking Eun Kyung for treating them to eat BBQ pork. When Minki and Hong Chul leave Jae Kyung rips into Eun Kyung for trying to appear like they have more than they do.

However she tells him that it’s all his fault. Turns out that he’s so bad at Self Defense that Neither Minki nor Hong Chul want to paired with him in the upcoming exams so Eun Kyung invited them out to eat with their promise of including Jae Kyung in their team.

By the end of the story Ui Chul has joined up with them in the locker room and has sat down to hear the story, because it looked interesting. He’s like the best lurker ever^^ nobody had even realized that he was there until Jae Kyung pointed it out.

Meanwhile Kibum is in his apartment, wondering if maybe he had been too mean to Minki in the morning, so he decides that maybe a truce would be good so he pours Minki a glass of orange juice.

When he walks in MInki is a mess, he’s in the middle of a tissue paper war with his nose. Turns out he’s allergic to perfume and Kibum used TOO much perfume that day and had left the room filled with it.

Minki gripes that if Kibum took a proper bath then he wouldn’t need perfumes to mask his body odor. (lol)

Kibum get’s offended and decides to spray Minki with perfume to get revenge while shouting, “You’re a dog nose.” And Minki throws a booger filled tissue at Kibum for payback as he runs out of the perfume infested room to cleanse himself of the impurities through a bath. These boys are so childish! Minki especially brings out the pettiness in Kibum, so he’s not as serious as he is around everyone else.

As Minki is in the bathroom, Hee Jin calls him up and Kibum answers for Minki. The teacher asks Kibum to tell Minki to please call her as soon as possible. Kibum plots evilness and yells Minki’s name loudly and whispers the message from behind the shower door. “ I did tell you this. Now I shall let you get a scolding from professor”

Minki comes out of the bath with just a towel when he heard his name but by then Kibum had already walked away.

Now the twins are walking with Heebon and Uichul back to their apartment but they are still arguing. This time it’s Jae Kyung saying that sorry if he sucks at sports but has she forgotten that it was her fault that he was this way? Then he spins a story of where EunKyung was a loner who nobody wanted to play with so Jae Kyung promised to play with her, but in the end he ends up hurting his back and never being able to do physical activity properly anymore.

Minki finds out that Kibum didn’t inform him about Hee Jin’s call and made him miss out on a prime employment opportunity.

 When confronted about the phone call and how Kibum hadn't told him about it, Kibum says “ I did, sorry that you didn’t hear me” and turns around to complete his work.

Minki is having none of that and he shakes a soda can and sprays Kibum and his desk with it , saying “oh soooorry!”

Kibum tears down Minki’s slogan down from the wall and rips it apart while screaming, “Well Soooorry too!”

Minki goes for the big guns and drops and breaks Kibum’s perfume bottle, “ how did this happen?”

Kibum just loses it and starts pummeling him with pillows.

And then he screams a Challenge to MInki. “Let’s take this outside”. Minki accepts wholeheartedly. Kibum warns him not to regret it later, and Minki says that Regret isn't in Lee Minki's dictionary.. (reminds me of the whole "I laugh in the face of danger" from LK hahaha.)

Back to the siblings argument. Eun Kyung says that Jae Kyung shouldn’t be quick to just blame her after all she’s as stupid as she is because of him. Hee Chul has joined up with them and asks her to tell her story. The present blurs into the past as Eun Kyung tells the story. Turns out that she helped Jae Kyung with an activity and the fumes involved knocked her out and killed her brain cells in the process.

Back in present time the twins, Hee Bom, Hee Chul and Ui Chul are inside the sibling’s apartment doing an intervention. Hee Chul watches them reconcile and says he is envious and so toched by their closeness. He wishes that he had a twin too!(Ui Chul is so intune to Hee CHul’s gestures they may as well be twins. Lol, and not to mention that they’re both such lurkers! Nobody notices they’re there until they say something!) He says that he’ll definitely have a twin when he’s reborn.

Minki and Kibum are meanwhile having their wild wild west show down in the middle of the park. They each say tough words to each other and they they go at it like…. Children … lol they are so WEAK! Soon they are twisting each other around, and the water sprinklers turn on so they keep falling and standing up.

Heechul and Uichul are walking along the edge of the park talking about how nice that they got to know their neighbours more.

Then they realize that those two fellas fighting in middle of the lawn and getting sprayed by the sprinklers are actually Kibum and Minki. They run forward and pull them apart, while the two continue to hiss at each other like angry little kitties…

Next Kibum and Minki are sick in bed (lol this made me laugh cuz’ I think it’s a spoof on how easily people in dramas fall sick when they get a little wet!) and they’re STILL hissing at each other.

Finally Kibum can’t take it anymore and launches himself on top of Minki. And they roll over from the bed to the floor with Kibum and Minki entangled with each other.

And that’s how Ui Chul and Hee Chul find them as they come into the room. They just smile indulgently at the two kids.

Then we find out that the twins invented those stories they'd told as an excuse and that Jae Kyung had always been bad at sports and Eun Kyung had always been slow.

Eun Bi makes a heart to her dad and says that she'll continue to take care of her siblings (which is something that doesn't sit well with me since all we've seen her be is bratty!).

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