lunes, 15 de agosto de 2011

News Bites

August 12, 2011
- Lee Soon Jae, says there are three things an actor should stick by: 1) don't be tardy to shooting, 2) avoid special treatment, 3) have correct pronunciation. The interviewer brought up an incident in which Jang Geun Seuk was late to filming, but Lee Soon Jae said that JGS has apologized and that it was an error on the manager's side.

-Arirang - Korean Cultural Asset? or not? China has listed it as it's cultural asset and patriotic Koreans are upset because this is a song that is considered the unofficial Korean anthem. The move from China to name it a cultural asset is seen by experts as an extension of the Chinese Academy for Social Sciences' Northeast Project, which once sought to co-opt the culture of the early Korean kingdoms
Chosun Ilbun pt.a
Chosun Ilbun pt.b
August 16, 2011
- Actress Lee Shi Young becomes a promotional embassador for the youth in Gyeonggu Province.
Chosun Ilbun
- Super Junior debuts as number 3 with Mr. Simple in the US Billboards World Music Chart, 2Ne1 has been two weeks on the chart with their peak at number four, currently they are number 7
Billboards World Music

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