miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Drama Watching Update!

Ok so I'm watching Can you hear my heart? and 49 Days...

I will hopefully be doing a small kind of recap/discussion on Can you hear my heart? every three to four eps... right now it's just started the plot is moving along quite nicely, it's going to be a heart wringer of a drama though, I can tell from just the first two episodes so if you don't like to cry don't watch it.
Can I say how much I love the kids? especially little Kim Sae Ron she is so incredibly cute and loveable in this, I'll definitely be a little sad when the kids grow up and are replaced by their older counterparts... I really love the character of the poor father, he's really all heart, and I hate it how people stop and stare and call him an idiot or a fool all the time, it breaks my heart that all he wants it's to stay together with the people he loves... it's cute how the little girl is the one that most understands and cares for him aside from his own mother... it's like they were born to be each other's family... :)
Here's a trailer for the drama for those who haven't watched it... it's really off to a good start in my opinion!

As for 49 Days... it's quite exceeded my expectations, but I won't be doing recaps since the lovely ladies at Dramabeans are doing the best job I've ever seen in recapping it so there's no point. I suggest that everybody check out the drama and if you're a bit lazy or don't have time to watch and don't mind spoilers read their awesome recaps. The reaper... is just so yummy... and the evil is not just black and white, in a sense the magical elements is managed in a better way than even hit drama Secret Garden (It's just that it's lacking in Binnie's Magic touch^^)

here's a trailer for it, for those who haven't tuned in: (If you haven't you better or you'll really be lost when people start discussing it's greatness around you!)

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